Witness (Maxi​-​Single)

by Emcee Jermaine

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released February 12, 2013

Produced by Motel Eola



all rights reserved


Emcee Jermaine Trenton, New Jersey

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Track Name: Witness
Verse 1
I got that numerous luminous verses for a human to assume it’s just
gonna render many rappers humorous
I need a witness for the way that I be doing this
shoutout to my family and everybody booming this
rhymes for the resolute music for the musically destitute
what I do is think/write/execute
a far cry from what they send to us in bubble wrap
ain’t no earthly way you can rebuttal that
frontin with their attitudes stuntin with their platitudes
nothing that can do to slow up something of this magnitude
some of y’all might even painstakingly relate to me
cause I won’t always take it where you think it may be safe to be
just so that you know it every song ain’t gone be smiles and doing cartwheels
but glad somebody speaking their mind that’s how your heart feels
and what you witness is the proof in every sentence
and fronting on the truth is like a conflict of interest senseless

Verse 2
I got an axe to grind facts to find
and unless I’m moving forward can’t relax my mind
see for me the plot thickens the clock’s tickin’
and if my brain tells me to chill my heart will not listen
see this isn’t about me the individual
yea I’m trynna come come up but to see the people with me is residual
some may see success as in the hood with jeep lexus
to me it’s something like deep in the hood with free breakfast
do big events annually for the families and do some sessions with the parents on how not to eat reckless
see what I look like asking you support my music
and not returning back that energy so you can use it
I know that what you do is coming back to you like deja vu
and if you don’t believe in that they probably played y’all too
but if you get it possibilities are limitless
if you feel the need please re-visit or exhibit this

Verse 3
I write for those who died fighting for their rights and hung nameless
and we barely think about them cause they ain’t become famous
and I’m writing for the people who have no concept what hell is
they won’t ever dare to dream they’re busy building someone else’s
and the ones walking around having the ill grill sinister
cause when they’re alone bet you they feeling real miniature
plus I’ve got a son and I won’t ever be explaining
son don’t take my songs to heart your dad is only entertaining
I’m a stickler trynna paint a vivid picture of a vista
where we have our sovereignty and all our peoples in the fixture
so I’m building with the opposite and the like-minded
and I check my hindsight so that I don’t get blindsided
actually when you’re awake your sight improves dramatically
and I’m too savvy to vibrate where people’s frequency is staticky
witness how I handle purveyors of dark skin
and soft target marksmen I call you out like an auction
Track Name: Free
Verse 1
We hold these truths to be self evident
but if a slave were to say that to its owner it’s irreverent
it’s absurd the very word has been perverted
I had to unlearn and re assert it
I hope you get free to make your own independence declaration
that’s not under the guise of standardized education
free to get in touch with your innermost feelngs
it could help you deal if you have the will to be revealing
cause outside of yourself it’s very little you control
if you turn your ego down it might could help you reach your goals
free to think critically bout anything and everything
like when you come of age you need a family and a wedding ring
free to understand parameters of your diet
cause it could cheer you up or it could make you wanna riot
free to not always take yourself so serious
I’m speaking to your inner child I really hope you’re hearing this
free to realize your kids ain’t trynna be defiant
you can’t tell them be a leader when you teaching them complance
and let them spread their wings even when it looks doubtful
cause they got their own thoughts and it really ain’t about you

Verse 2
Free to not think so much but put a plan into action
you wanna live your dreams you gotta WAKE UP from distractions
freedom to renounce and destroy social privilege
this is where it’s tricky tho admitting that you benefit
free to put yourself in others shoes when on conflict
that’ll let you know a lot of it is really nonsense
free to know you’re worth a lot more than what you’re given
your life ain’t gotta be reduced to just survival living
the block and getting locked ain’t your birthright
people who perpetuate it trust me they really know your worth Light
freedom from thinking other races are the enemy
be free to go explore and enjoy other ethnicities
freedom not to live beyond your means for appearances
freedom from these other peoples judgments if you’re fearing it
you can still have nice things and be prictical
and build some capital for the generations after you
freedom to be here and be flawed
freedom to appear to be odd free from being scared of your god
freedom from the prisons of the media
it’s just some people in a room controlling what they’re feeding ya
free to not see sexuality as taboo
but have freedom not to feel you need to use it as an avenue
freedom from the interlocking systems of oppression
free to call a failure what it is that’s a lesson