The Crazy 88

by Emcee Jermaine

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Call the cops as I drop this synopsis
Cause that's the only way that you can get me in a box when I rock this
Suckas hear the sound look around and file out to this
Others love my style form a pile and wild out to this
Ladies shake your hips like this was hoola hoops
Fellas just proceed to nod your head until you're shaking your medulla loose
Cause right here, right now on this moment
I'm bout to own it so I hope you're a proponent
I'm the emcee that you want your kids to emulate
Cause I ain't trynna dummy down thier mind I'm trynna stimulate
I'm trynna set my words, let my verbs penatrate
Then sit back and see how many leaders they can generate
The procession is back return to the essence of rap
Resurrect the verbal blessings you lack
But don't take me as an emcee only good for spitting battle raps
Or hyperactive militant that's trynna rattle facts
I'm somewhere in my own stratisphere
Somewhere in between Word Lyfe and your words don't even matter here
Plus I couldn't come in at a more oppurtune
Hit the opera room with the steel face like Doctor Doom
And every word I mention effortless
Look out in the crowd bet ain't no attention deficit
Matter fact I gotta say I'm so elaborite with rhymes
That you messed around and thought I ripped the fabric of time
That's why a lot of O.G.'s endorsing him
Cause he knows just how to do a set he'll smash it up like it was porcelin
He knows it takes a little more to win..he do his business comfortably so ain't no companies extorting him
All DJ's put this record on queue
You can let the rhythm ride and Imma catch it on TRUE
It's like the internet has backfired on the Indie
'Cause now it's mostly cluttered/flooded with whatever's trendy
I know it's hard not to be disparaging
But making a comparison to me will only lead you to embarrasment
They hope thier music sounds alike
I hope my music sounds like walking in a room and turning on a light
They record a borderline chorusline
I would rather eat a hoard of porcupine rinds than distort mine
Now let me handle these anylists
They're saying that the real emcces' retired or only work as panelists
I got a message for those headtricks
And all you other top skeptic hip hop narcoleptics
If you're suffering from whack rapper apathy
Then calmly form a line and fall in right in back of me
Cause ain't nobody thinking 'bout attacking me..matter of fact thier only strategy is apathy
This whole thing is interwoven like tapestry
They put a seed in you for you to feed into the pagentry
You're saying PEACE but on the same note
When rappers beef you're running to it like you're Usain Bolt
Plus you feed into that gossip on those blogs 'cause it's easy to find
I swear some of y'all are legally blind
If that ain't the case somebody explain it then
They ain't entertaining you, why you entertaing them
Liking them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter
And then when they put out some garbage you got the nerve to act bitter
It's transcendent sistemic pandemic
You're standing in it unless you know to plan different
The plot to nutralize your intellect suitably
Usually it works beautifully, but not tonight
I got a light shining from my head like a coal miner
And I don't need a co-signer just a note binder
Ya boy is part go getter part go finder..find a rhyme I can design to take your soul higher
We in the streets but it's PEACE cause we're grass roots
Showing another side of rap then these brash suits
Cause what they're eating is a famine to you
So we done organized the team and now we're planning a coup
You can keep your props we ain't even worried 'bout the last laugh
We're trynna raise the rap flag up from half mast
Ain't beat for talk we're all rocking a gas mask
We're drinking lyrical propane out of a glass flask
What we're doing is providing a solution
By helping getting rid of all this musical pollution
Yea that means you if all you do is talk destuctive
And no we can't collab if you ain't 'bout nothing productive
Why you wanna emcee on the microphone exactly
And when you think you've come up with the answer concact me
Who else can write a rhyme to make the crowd combustible
Put a little reach so it can touch the untouchable
Make a lot of lazy veterans feel uncomfortable
Then turn around and spit the same verse for the Huxtables
I'm a lyrical grenade
Throw me anywhere you think a rapper's putting a charade
And I'll never hesitate to detonate when I have to
You can get intelligent by getting hit with shrapnel
Some of y'all don't know what to think so let's say
I'm as live as you thought you were before you pressed play


released January 5, 2011
Produced by Willie Green



all rights reserved


Emcee Jermaine Trenton, New Jersey

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