Jermaine's EP

by Emcee Jermaine

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released January 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Emcee Jermaine Trenton, New Jersey

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Track Name: To Whom it may Concern
This is an open letter
yo to whom it may concern you're on borrowed time cause tomorrow's mine
I ain't on nobody's a-list don't rhyme with no catchy phrases
but I can dominate your MP3's playlist
without no natural competitors
you think you're saying something what you sound like is etcetera etcetera
let me guess money parties sex and gun threatening
what you up against cause I can sense the panic setting in
and Imma probably laugh
because I know next to mine's your line's shaky man I'm like a polygraph
in fact let me correct this
you suckers talking really reckless just to be a sharecropper with a necklace
to whom it don't concern excuse me if I'm cynical
they get some money and they think they're at their pinnacle
wish I could reach then all I wish I had some tentacles
it's little babies in the streets that's trying to mimic you!
that's how you bound to fail
how you expect to excel when all your thoughts are half-baked like Chappelle
switched styles those labels haven't tapped you yet
you're at a table with a fable playing rap roulette
hope that it's tapping at your conscience
you'll never be achieving your goals of prominence if your nonsense’s accomplice
if I was wrong you should've made it right
but you won't fix your lips to approach me cause you're afraid of heights
I know the heart fluctuated
but it was just a false alarm y'all hip hop has been resuscitated
Track Name: Talking
(Verse 1)
Ay yo I'm talkin' with a new found purpose
but if you ain't prepared I'm talkin' with words that might make you nervous
I'm talkin' with a pen to the page or a mic in my hand
I'm talkin' with a style that be inciting the fans
yo I'm talkin' with authority so you can observe
rhymes and words intellectual but also absurd
talkin' with a strategy to fortify our position
if it ends in tragedy maybe I've won on my mission
look I'm talkin' with the glammour of a rug spot
talkin' with my back against the wall like a mug shot
I'm talkin' with the students let them know it's fine to be bright
that don't mean that you're a punk or that you're trynna be white
see me talkin' with the C.E.O. Bird's eye view
in high school they thought he had the worst I.Q.
Yea I'm talkin' with a passion for rappin' community action
think outside the box you think you're trapped in
talkin' with assumptions you ain't seen me move
over here you don't need street credit you're pre-approved

(Verse 2)
I'm talkin' like I want them feeling me wherever there's land
but I'm talkin' like I ain't trynna blow I'm trynna expand
I'm talkin' like I've been at the brink
I'm talkin' like I hope my words will help encourage you to listen and think
I'm talkin' like it's justifiable for me to think my talent's undeniable
the radio has been depriving you
I'm talkin' like those videos can't teach you how to be dap
how you goin' ball with them you know you got a salary cap
I'm talkin' like my mind's quicker I'm talkin' like I rhyme slicker
I'll get it up and running off a dime quicker
I'm talkin' like I understand some of the rap slander
cause when did rap become an audition for Zoolander
I'm talkin' like you got a gun to my head
telling me you goin' be listening I front and I'm dead
talkin' like I know I'll get you in the mood to rock
because the people know that I'm a throwback and they know that I'm the future shock


(Verse 3)
I'm talkin' to whoever holding hip hop down
you got a comrade to help you when you rip pop clowns
I'm talkin' to these lady's conversation I heard
they said hip hop is dead all they got left is spoken word
I'm talkin' to the kids who never heard wordplay
they only hear yo give it up baby it's your birthday
I'm talkin' to them punks who have yet to hear me but STILL fear me
they know that I exist in theory
I'm talkin' to the janitors talkin' to the panhandlers
I hope I reach you in the ambulance with bandages
I'm talkin' to you if you fortunately
can live somewhere where everyday they don't report for tv
I'm talkin' to you if you think that it's impossible
for you to make you situation better and to overcome the obstacles
I'm talkin' to you in the solemnest cue
whoever listening I'm talkin' to you
Track Name: Anti-Anthem
(Verse 1)
I got the best pro manifesto
let the rest know I'll hit them with a special death blow
'cause I see it's duck season again
said the kid is on his grind selling out is like treason to him
he don't need no other reason to win
it's a cold cold world so he writes with anti-freeze in his pen
you talk so loud I knew you had to be whack
I'll spit a verse that'll dispurse you from your battery pack
ask you if you want some more I'm guessing nope
'cause my lyrics so sick you gotta listen to my music with a stethoscope
with confindence like I just jumped out a model's bed
I got the crowd grinning and bouncing like they're bobbleheads
let it be known I'm the reciprocal of typical
seeing through this garbage ain't difficult
'cause as a culture we're in the red like a darkroom
developing images to spark doom you'll hear more remarks soon


Now hip hop I know one kind
maybe it's coincidence maybe it's by design
rap is done using your brain hip hop is in the mind
it's the music for your life let the two combine
what's real hip hop I only know one kind
what's real hip hop I only know one kind
what's real hip hop I only know one kind
what's real hip hop I only know one kind

(Verse 2)
Heard of direct tv I'm direct emcee
but you don't need to put no dish up to connect with me
I feel like music for the people is my destiny
if what you heard is hollow follow my trajectory
I'll show you light before you thought that it was dim
take their crème de la crème and I'll rip them up limb by limb
when them see me me me heebie geebies running thru their body
to me it's like a hobby slaying rappers that are shotty
cut them off I know they're only bound to drop lies
and I'm on time even tho I'm thinking counterclockwise
keep on babbling until you're blue in the face
or 'till somebody new in the race just blew you to space
listen man every time I'm on stage 4 alarm blaze
have you feeling low like Mexican minimum wage
yo, do something man! That's how your crew be looking
I'm like a hurricane joker you're a whoopie cushion

(Repeat Bridge)

I'm a hip hop paleontologist
I dig it dust it polish it then put it on display for you to acknowledge it
reminiscent to when the rap game was innocent
after listening see if you share the same sentiments
with imminent advancement
they tried to steal my transcripts and have them tested for performance enhancements
but Imma stay above a scandal
I go in front the panel with samples of emcee I manhandled
barely enough to be distinguished
most of them were talking some choppy or some slurred perverted language
but now I know how Mr. Bean sounds
their spit is like a boxer's in a bucket in between rounds
even your boys think you're a pitiful jerk
behind your back they all consider you dirt better listen to my syllables work
next time they might be working to your upper hand
maybe you'll need some verbal help with standing up again
Track Name: The Stimulus Package
(Verse 1)
I'm listening to Black Steel in the Hour feeling the power
I got a notion to reveal the real when it's louder
'cause you made a few tracks with some deflatable raps
whole team spit debatable facts
I'm elated cause I made a few ask
how come he ain't on the radio by now he's a relateable cat
out of pocket when I flip topics
I'm a beast shooting rap rockets like Chewbacca in the cockpit
when I unlock it
looks like somebody came thru an dropkicked your optics right out the socket
throwing rappers under wing trust me
spent a minute in the cut but you can tell it ain't a damn thing rusty
he always said that he could rhyme but who knew
gimme the mic and let me do my numbers like so du ku
somebody wanna make a scene
I'll come and hit him with a 16 make him think he heard a howitzer machine
the people be like he must be telepathic
to do away with the bombastic rap plastic
you feeling brolic and you wanna make a play
but you just brought your rap kit today wanna get away?

(Verse 2)
This ain't the type of dope that you're man's using
so go head take my name in vein the game needs a transfusion
against me main man what's you gameplan
'cause every letter you write is like you're playing hangman
same fans who put you on a pedestal
when I get finished with you looking at you like an extra terrestrial
was he always there or did he land in the night
'cause my man you ain't no rapper you're a fan with a mic
and the reason you're a factor is simple
the boardroom was like lower the bar they goin' dance like limbo
something wrong you feel in your abdominal
but we can stand for something fall for anything like we a row of dominoes
the point they hope we're missing is
the music industry done went from being glamorous to critical business
now it's kind of difficult dissing us
'cause we're digital listeners we are no longer political prisoners
I readjust my audible plots
Imma navigate my flow a couple hundred thousand nautical knots
top ten up and coming you see all me
Track Name: Rap Casserole
(Verse 1)
What if you could eat a rap
what if you could feed a track or be a top chef but you ain't need a hat
that's the scenario I'm bout to present
give me a minute and I promise Imma start to make sense
would you agree that every time you hear a song you're consuming it?
Got an appetite what the quickest way to ruin it
consume a bunch of junk body is conditioned
you're full but you ain't had a single ounce of nutrition
eating a meal can easily compare to
turning your radio up to get an earful be careful
you gotta make sure that your body has its nourishment
gotta be keen to what your music is encouraging
and while you're checking out the message in your beats
be careful of the essence in your meats
now would you eat an Amadou Diallo burger? Sean Bell sub?
Those animals was murdered in that same cold blood

(Verse 2)
Now some of y'all might be a little bit reluctant
to listen to my theory and admit I'm onto something
maybe you think your diet is a major change to go thru
and you ain't beat for hippie foods like bean sprouts and tofu
if you think that modern music is the way is
and people need to do a better job of trynna raise their kids
think about it for a second
how come the major labels only putting out the rappers disrespecting
why is unhealthy food usually the cheapest
and way up in the front of the store I know you peeped this
you think of dieting but nothing stops
more than ever fellas got the bubble bellies women got the muffin tops
and I'm not making fun I'm simply trynna make a statement
they banking on the fact that we goin' stay complacent
food and music filled with harmful preservatives
we eat it up like we don't feel we deserve to live

(Verse 3)
where do we go from here what's the resolution
why can't we have consumption without having execution
whether you're talking about animals or people
when you're consuming murder then you manifest its evil
it's all about mental conditioning
most of what we think we really need will lead to some type of imprisonment
I want it now and it had better be awesome
and I don't really care how it affects me in the long run
like getting married on a blind date
a fast food society with a microwave mindstate
they'll give anything they think will fit the need
they're trying to get our sons to give our daughters chicken feed
and they got a pecking order
the ones without no mom or no dad is who they're beckoning to slaughter
be careful of your music and the mood it brought
but no matter what it's all food for thought
Track Name: Stereo-Typical
I'm bout to hit 'em again
spit them a gem man I'm all about getting it in
put me by the toughest judge he'll be like give him a ten
if you ain't lyrically equipped you better split in the wind
or you could assemble your diss but riddle me this
who's that dude spitting venom leave you literally pissed
wanna hear how armageddon sounds it would be this
mic shaped like a boot like Italy is
so I could kick it to you like I'm A Tribe Called
sounds like a ghetto blaster fit in your ipod
you tried hard but your rhyme called your mind stalled
thought about it then you figured why don't I rhyme hard
so you rapping pimping and killing instead of giving in
under that cliche “that's the world we living in”
but every time that I hear it it's still riveting
right leg's running while you're left leg's pivoting
so while you're out grandstanding for chicks
they're in the boardroom and they're planning the fix
they locked you up 'cause you had your hands in the mix
now you're in the courtroom and your man is a snitch
ain't that a glitch it's Heavy like Bon-Didelly-Dee
more of a problem than you're willing to be
think your peoples helping but to them it's thrilling to see
if they got some common sense they're probably chilling with me
now you're caught in a conundrum you dumb bum
they'll use you up then they put you back where you come from
now they're taking back them platinum plaques that you done hung
think about how you're explaining that to your young son
better tell him that before rap the streets never heard of ya
let him know that late at night your conscience be disturbing ya
tell him that you're far from a murderer
matter fact without a weapon you're as threatening as Hamburgerler
after a while even your women like he turning me off
so full of hot air it burn when he cough
the hood said he a suburban he soft
if he ever comes around here we'll leave him in a burgundy broth
ask yourself is this a story bout you are you a derelict
are you capable of using proper rap etiquette
can you put a subject with a predicate
or are you another talking head with all that tired ol' rhetoric
so give it up for hip hop you know the dillie
we don't need your help to make you look silly. Really.
Track Name: Writes of Passage
It's kind of like we're getting pickpoketed
I'm getting sick watching it
and I'm not the only one who sees a lot of people are mad 'cause rap's settling
cats is back peddling
I had to go back and ask veterans
was it better when we only had the elements and wasn't selling it
couldn't it be the minute we found fame
we dominated by a bunch of jokers who sound lame
and the chosen few who represent the culture gotta shoulder the load
they don't care whether we hold or we fold
somebody had the nerve to ask me this
you'd rather be an activist instead of a radio rapper with an asterisk
I'd rather be anonymous
and furthermore synonymous with bombing this ominous hypocrisy
I could tell you what hip hop is not to me
it ain't taking dreams from inner city kids and making them a mockery
and it don't mean that if you like me then you copy me
helping people make monotony into monopoly
if you don't think that rap's a tool of oppression
then tell me how we keep getting these fools in succession
ain't no coincidence they acting like they haven't got any sense
videos and images are hideous
and while they're doing champagne make it rain
what they're pouring is a smear campaign on your brain
more importantly
a lot of folks ignoring the enormity of growing just to keep on boring me with immaturity
a sexy killer and you goin stay paid
you been spitting out that garbage for the last decade
this is a troubling fad
trynna act young but on the real you're old enough you could be some of their dads
and you got about a thousand goons attacking the stage
I got a new idea for you acting your age
you won't talk about nothing else but sex drugs and gripping a gun
even if it's on the tip of your tongue
if you grew up in a tough situation
then why you participating in setting back the future generations
you got them thinking they should disrespect an hourly salary
you helping disconnect them with reality
most of them walk around predominately ornery
nowadays you even got nerds rhyming about misogyny
to compound it now they're dumbfounded about being an emcee and the power some of them touted
to try to teach them is a lingering task
if I said “Just Ice” they'd probably bring me a glass
Special Ed ain't just the name of a class
I got a lot of patience but I really think they're draining it fast
I figured if they knew these rapper's pedigree
it might inject them with the energy to make them respect the integrity
so we could help destroy
a lot of whack personas like computer b boy decoy
on the internet you talking bout you're giving me fire
but you're on stage performing like you're semi-retired
put a little time in your craft
stop thinking you're a literary genius 'cause you rhyme in the bath
you can put a song together and you don't dig bling
that don't mean you reppin hip hop as the next big thing
'cause who appointed you who anointed you
who said that you're the second coming 'cause you rocked a decent joint or two
a lot of people out here putting it down
collab with them 'stead of thinking you look good in a crown
be a part of this community
unity is the only way we have of fighting this buffoonery and coonery
hip hop is here forever
we goin keep on putting how you feel and what you want to hear together
so please don't try to figure how to market it
you ain't gotta waste your time by thinking bout what audience you targeting
let me sit you down give you a calm description
'cause our rhythm and our language is beyond encryption
we wrote it so you can't decode it
it's duly noted only poets and artistically inclined minds know it
you getting it you already made the link
don't be afraid to be creative or afraid to think
now if you're listening and you agree with me
then play this for the kids so they can grow up to be on our same frequency